Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ok we have a winner (at last)

Sorry I keep meaning to update, but as I said in my last post we have had a rough few weeks..... to cut a long story short .. A distant friend through my ex who sometimes speaks to me on facebook, decided she would steal some pictures of Nevaeh and post them on a website for mothers who had lost children. So she said nevaeh was hers and that she had died and put the picture up. To say the least I was heartbroken that someone could be so sick. So I went to the police, in the end I dropped the charges adn asked them not to persue or even entertain this person as she obviously has serve mental issues!

Ok so there it is in a nutshell.... moving on LIN your are the winner of a little stash!!!! let me know your addy and il post it out.

I do have some craftyness to share but i need to photograph it and tbh its a bit dull adn no light in here so il have to wait for it to brighten up! Ive also got some sneaks for the scrapbook apprentice next round.

Ok I hope everyone is well
back sooner than the last time i promise haha


jay670120 said...

OOOH what a sicko hope the person doesn't do it to someone else too now youv'e dropped charges.
Love looking at sneak peeks of the scrapbook apprentice thing & good luck with it.

Kate said...

OMG what a horrible and sad thing to do :( she much be really sick in the head, so very sad.

Well done to lin for winning :D

Im always here chick if u wanna chat.

Much Love Katy xx

~Vicki~ said...

wow i'm sorry that someone did that to you, it's terrible!!! sending hugs. Can't wait to see what you do in the scrapbook apprentice, backing you all the way xxx

my5bratz said...

what a sick, twisted...BITCH!!!! She'll get hers!!

LOVE your blog, and your work, tfs :0)

Debee Campos said...

I'm so sorry for what this person has put you and your family through. I sure hope you are safe and comforted in having your family close. Such crazy things happening in this world. sad and crazy. But thank goodness you have wonderful scrap art to lift you up! Your work is gorgeous!

Lin said...


Im so sorry to hear what that horrible person has done to your family. She really isnt worth a single one of your tears and I honestly believe in the whole what goes around comes around thing!

I love your work and am so pleased to have won the goodies, i'll pop an email to you with my address.

Thank you for you generosity

Lin x