Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunday, 22 March 2009

I made the move

Thats rite people I made the move to typepad come and join me over there

Saturday, 7 March 2009

YES its true i am updating ......... photo heavy

I know I have been promising to update quiet regulary and then not doing so ... so apologies to those who have emailed asking if im still alive I am yes breathing lol
Life has been so hectic I havent had a spare mintue honestly, im still busy but ive set aside 15 minutes to come and blog cause I miss doin it so much .

Ive had a good week, my lubbly parcel from 2 peas arrived with all my luscious maya road goodies so will be off to play with them at sum point in the next 12 months! We are still decorating and its taking its toll on my patience im fed up with it now! but oooo my gosh it will look amazing when its finished!

The next week involves finishing of my scrapbook apprentice round 5 pages, cards and altered item, making plenty of stuff the local craft fair which i have a table at and the most important meeting my uni dead lines.....

anyhow heres some pics of a maya road sheer album I did for vaevae its a mixture of mm and basic grey with a bit of diamond glaze and papermania pearls. so heres is de pictures sorry for the bad lighting i am doin this at 6.30 am huhhh hmmm I KNOW i MAD BUT ITS SO QUIET i CAN CONCENTRATE LOL

The kids are wispering in the hall they think I cant hear em lol connor is such and early riser saying that its noe 8am how time flies when your concentrating.
K im off for now thanks for stopping by
nuff love

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


No I havent dissapeared! im still here and breathing and mainly rushing lol Not got time for a massive update as Im off to uni in a min until 9 tonight, however pictures are ready to be uploaded so tommorow when im free yes i do have a free day that doesnt invlove me sitting up till 3am to get things completed i shall come and show my blog some love!
Hope I still have some readers haha

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ive been tagged

The lubbly katie has tagged me so I have to pick the 6 folder and teh 6 picture in it and post it on here so here goes ...................

yep its a pants one lol but one of those moments i had to sapture its ashaara tryin to go in for the kil and kiss nevaeh haha
so I need to tag 6 people
I tag
and ermmmm my friend ash
k thats me for now

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ok we have a winner (at last)

Sorry I keep meaning to update, but as I said in my last post we have had a rough few weeks..... to cut a long story short .. A distant friend through my ex who sometimes speaks to me on facebook, decided she would steal some pictures of Nevaeh and post them on a website for mothers who had lost children. So she said nevaeh was hers and that she had died and put the picture up. To say the least I was heartbroken that someone could be so sick. So I went to the police, in the end I dropped the charges adn asked them not to persue or even entertain this person as she obviously has serve mental issues!

Ok so there it is in a nutshell.... moving on LIN your are the winner of a little stash!!!! let me know your addy and il post it out.

I do have some craftyness to share but i need to photograph it and tbh its a bit dull adn no light in here so il have to wait for it to brighten up! Ive also got some sneaks for the scrapbook apprentice next round.

Ok I hope everyone is well
back sooner than the last time i promise haha

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I havent been back to pick a winner! life has had a few problems in the past week! i'l be back tommorow I promise to update you and pick a winner!!